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Hello! I've just created a new blog dedicated to Peter Pan (2003) movie and you can find it at thathiddenkiss(.)tumblr(.)com it would be great if you can help me spread the word to your lovely followers :) I'm sorry that I must ask in anon as this is just a sideblog. Have a nice day!

This is great! (Sorry for the late post.) Check it out, guys!

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                                                       He has found himself a… Wendy.

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Ahhh, she's just so beautiful!

Absolutely! x

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My thought for the day is: everyone who tries to be a good person (deep down we know when we’re being good) thanks for making the world nice.

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Rachel Hurd Wood in InStyle UK, Oct 2009

Rachel Hurd-Wood for Instyle (2011)

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‘What’s your name?’ he asked.
‘Wendy Moira Angela Darling,’ she replied with some satisfaction. ‘What is your name?’
‘Peter Pan.’

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English Rose? - what does that actually mean? That I am pale? That I am English, maybe? They are going to say that about any actress from this country!”

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